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Our Mentors: A New Generation of Health Leaders

The core of HealthCorps' unique approach to health is harnessing the power of mentorship in shaping young minds and cultivating future leaders dedicated to holistic wellness.


Our mentorship program is more than just a structured partnership to support teens and near-peer mentors; it's a nurturing platform designed to foster growth, learning, and mutual inspiration. This year, we continued to empower aspiring health professionals, cultivate leadership and innovation, and forge lasting connections.

The key to HealthCorps’ success is our unique model that utilizes near-peer mentors to deliver our programming. College-age mentors impart valuable guidance and support to middle and high school students, fostering a much-needed connection point to teens at a time when social connections and mentors are lacking.

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total near-peers mentors supporting


clubs across our regions.
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of our near-peer mentors stated that HealthCorps' mentorship experience contributed to their professional development.
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Mentors work in local area schools and community centers working directly with youth ​and develop a deep connection with their HealthCorps manager and other mentors during weekly coaching sessions, group meetings, and site visits​. Not only do we provide Professional Development, but ​by participating in HealthCorps’ research-backed wellness curriculum​ mentors also improve their own health. We provide a comprehensive and meaningful experience for our mentors that propels them forward on their journey to becoming healthcare professionals.

Mentor Highlight: Jada Prescott


Teens at our Houston partner schools Jack Yates High School and Varnett Northeast rave about their mentor Jada Prescott’s inclusive spirit, health knowledge, and her unyielding willingness to help them cope with daily challenges.

Jada utilized HealthCorps’ teen-focused curriculum to create a safe and educational space for her students. 

Through programs like “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully,” an event she held at Varnett Northeast, Jada and her student leaders engaged the entire school community to help them understand the powerful impact kindness has on our mental health. 

Jada’s students have not only become leaders on-campus, sharing messages and activities of health, but have also developed a stronger sense of self built on investing in their health and the desire to invest in others.


Mentors, like Jada, support our movement of healthier teens, stronger schools, and connected communities and in the process discover how big an impact they can make themselves.

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