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University Partnerships

Partner universities support implementation of the program by connecting HealthCorps with college students who are interested in serving their community and empowering the next generation of healthy leaders. HealthCorps then provides a paid internship for college students that are interested in serving as a near-peer mentor to high school students.  

A Regional Program Manager will directly support and supervise the college interns, providing training, professional development and leadership opportunities for a cohort of 5 – 12 interns to collaborate and learn from each other.  

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University interns will guide area teens through HealthCorps’ Teens Make Health Happen Club with interactive, teen-relevant health lessons and will engage students in promoting a culture of wellness by leading monthly health promoting events and activities on their campuses.  

Partnerships Can Look Like

  • Service–based learning opportunities in majors ranging from public health, public policy, biology, nutrition, marketing, psychology, social work and more!    

  • Student–run organizations focused on public health, education or youth leadership. 

  • University internship or work–study programs. 

  • Field work practicum assignments for course credit.


HealthCorps partners with departments and students from a range of backgrounds, majors and career paths and are open to additional ideas if you believe your group or department may be a successful fit.  

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