May 2016: Letter from the President

Letter from the President


To those of you who could join us last week at HealthCorps’ tenth annual Garden Gala, thank you. The ballroom at Pier 60 was full of supporters old and new sharing a healthy dinner and stories. Stories do so much to create a sense of place for those who hear them. For teens, stories often act as mental ‘permission slips’ to belong to a culture. We know from studies that students who hear stories about their own families – about their mothers and grandmothers – perform better in school. I was lucky to be brought up in a family that talked every night at dinner. Many of our students aren’t so lucky. One of the hard facts about being in a high-need high school is that the students often come from broken families. The HealthCorps coordinators take on the role of family: their classrooms become a refuge, their advice is sought out and respected, their stories become the stories the students learn from. School after school HealthCorps impacts student lives.

In the midst of our festivities at the gala, we unveiled the All it Takes is HealthCorps video. This video, acted entirely by HealthCorps students, depicts real student stories. Take a minute to watch it. From the halls of Anderson New Technology High School in CA to the kitchen club at Health Careers and Sciences in NY, we’re creating the stories that help kids get through their lives. Teens, though they never admit it, crave guidance. Often, all it takes is that one story to help you get through the day, and for so many of our teens, all it takes is HealthCorps.

Thank you for helping us lift our students up, one story at a time.

In appreciation,

Michelle Bouchard


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