March 2016: Letter from the President

Letter from the President


As I write this letter to you I’m on the road in California driving to our different schools and connecting with our students and Coordinators. It was my pleasure this week to greet our 2016 Gala Honoree Eva Gutowski at Valley High School in Santa Ana, CA. Valley is a truly high needs high school. 99% of Valley High’s 2,283 students are minority and 86% of the student body is eligible for free or reduced lunch. Eva’s visit sparked a social media frenzy at the school and made me really think more about connection – what it means to be connected in 2016. Eva is a social media star whose 9 million followers feel like they know her. In her two-hour visit, students opened up to her personally and listened keenly to her advice on being strong despite the hardships they face in their daily lives.

Next on my road trip, I visited Palm Desert High School and connected with our amazing coordinator there, Megan Cornejo. Her students were eager to show me what they had learned in their lessons around triage and emergency care. I was lucky not to have missed that experience. What if I could simply tune into a live recording of the classroom to find out what’s happening daily with our coordinators and their students across the country? What if we could peek in and share in their triumphs and challenges for that day?

Now we can. On Monday, March 14th, HealthCorps is officially on Snapchat – a fun new social media platform that allows us to share short videos from our schools and offices. Unlike YouTube, the videos expire within 24 hours. You can download Snapchat and follow us with QR code below. We’re pushing hard to get the stories of our students out to you through SnapChat, YouTube, and articles on the website. My hope is that each of you will be able to find the medium that suits you to watch our amazing students whether they are learning new steps at Coordinator Bernice Rosas’s after-school Folkloric Dance Club or cooking up a nutritious new recipe at Kate Shelton’s club cooking club or just getting to that 10th push up with Kenai McFadden. I want everyone to be able to feel more connected to our organization than ever before.




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