Letter from the President

Letter from the President


It is sometimes difficult to remember to be thankful in such a challenging world.  The past several days have indeed been challenging and uncertain.  In the words of Thomas Paine “These are the times that try men’s souls.” It is important in such times to remember the stuff of which Americans were made.  Earlier in the week I had the opportunity to visit one of our schools.  There is no shortage of inspiration when speaking with our Coordinators and their students.  As I watched the lesson led by our coordinator and listened to the discussion with students that followed, it struck me that perhaps one of the most important things we do at HealthCorps, is help the school create a sense of personal strength to give young people more resilience…in their sometimes unstable home environments…in their tough communities and in an uncertain world.  This Thanksgiving season, I am thankful for the wisdom of those who founded our strong nation, for the faith that sustains each of us, for the dedication and inspiration that our Coordinators demonstrate each day, and the resilience of the million students we will reach this year.  


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