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FREE Health Resources for Teens

Let us help you make health happen. We’ve created a variety of downloadable health and wellness resources you can use in your life or bring to your campus, clubs, family, and friends!

View more of our curriculum and resources at

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Like My Reflection

You are uniquely you: it’s something to celebrate and love! But it’s not always easy to do when we are constantly comparing ourselves to others and wanting to fit into narrow definitions of beauty and success. Use these affirmation card templates to help you build healthy self-esteem and positive body image.

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Your Wellness Wheel

Want to start focusing more on your health but don’t know where to start? This activity will help you understand what it means to be healthy using a Wellness Wheel and set a goal that you CAN accomplish!
This activity is a perfect pause and reflect as you continue to grow, learn, and better yourself!

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