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NFL Alumni and HealthCorps Huddle Up for Teen Health


Kyle Richardson


Karen Johnson

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February 9, 2024, Las Vegas, NV – HealthCorps, a national non-profit committed to eliminating health inequity in at-risk communities by educating and empowering students to improve their physical and mental health is pleased to announce its partnership with the National Football League Alumni Association (NFLA).  NFLA Health and HealthCorps are teaming up to provide wellness programming to teens in under-served areas.

NFLA Health offers informational resources, programs, services, and other offerings for NFL Alumni members and the general public. ‘Huddle for Health’ efforts are being launched to leverage the alumni as ‘Beacons’ in their community to promote awareness and education to improve community health.

To promote the partnership, HealthCorps founder, Dr. Mehmet Oz joined the "Huddle for Health" NFL Alumni Health Symposium held Feb. 6 in Las Vegas. 

“For over 20 years, HealthCorps has impacted the lives of millions of teens, and our nationwide footprint parallels the coast to coast reach of the NFL. Our data shows that HealthCorps programs help teens navigate the complexities they face,” Oz said.  “87% of the students in our program report they changed at least one targeted health behavior such as feeling more confident, having a healthier diet, and increasing their physical activity.”  He continued, “We are so proud of this partnership.  Together, we can provide teens with the tools to address their health, mental resilience, and success in today’s challenging world. We will not abandon these kids to drug abuse, obesity, anxiety, and depression.” 

NFLA will work with teens at HealthCorps community sites and schools serving as mentors to help address a variety of challenges, from bullying to addiction, from mental health to nutrition.  This partnership aims to provide students with the tools to make healthy lifestyle changes.   

Kyle Richardson, NFLA Health Managing Member, stated, "The idea is to take our activities and programs to underserved communities as we evolve and co-create the Huddle for Health platform as a broader-based community initiative. As community champions, NFL alumni can reach underserved healthcare communities like nobody else. Together with HealthCorps, we can help create healthy lifestyle changes for the community youth."

About HealthCorps

HealthCorps is a national 501(c)(3) organization working to eliminate health inequity and improve lives by educating and empowering teens — encouraging them to become change-agents within their families, schools, and neighborhoods. Currently HealthCorps operates its program in Arizona, California, Delaware, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.

About NFL Alumni (NFLA)

NFLA is an organization with a nationwide reach comprised primarily of National Football League players, coaches, and other employees whose mission since 1967 is "Caring for our Own" and "Caring for Kids." The mission of the NFLA is furthered by numerous efforts, including raising funds to support its members, their communities, and qualified youth-oriented charities. NFL Alumni Health is a wholly owned subsidiary of NFL Alumni, offering informational resources, programs, services, and other offerings for NFL Alumni members and the general public.


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