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Building Strong Local Partnerships

Our partnerships are not just alliances; they are catalysts for societal and generational change.


Over the past year, we forged a new partnership with AmeriCorps and Serve Ohio and developed a district-wide solution with San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) – supporting our shared commitment to fostering health and wellness among the youth at all 125 schools in the district. We take pride in cultivating strong relationships with our partners and working together to provide the greatest results to our communities.

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of program partners were satisfied with our team's rapport with students.
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New Partnership:


Through a grant from AmeriCorps' ServeOhio, HealthCorps is bringing its transformative Teens Make Health Happen program (TMHH) to up to 15 schools across Cuyahoga County.

The initiative, commencing in fall 2023 and spanning the academic year, will witness AmeriCorps members delivering HealthCorps' health and wellness activities within Cleveland area middle and high schools. This endeavor comes at a crucial juncture, as 33.3% of students in Cuyahoga County face health challenges, increasing their susceptibility to various physical and mental health issues.

TMHH, HealthCorps' flagship program, operates through in-school or after-school clubs, school-wide events, and classroom lessons. Grounded in five pivotal pillars, TMHH aims to provide a teen-focused curriculum, empower students as change-makers, foster meaningful connections, cultivate a national network of change agents, and create an inclusive culture of health and wellness.

Developing a District Solution:

For nearly two years, HealthCorps has fostered a rewarding collaboration with the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD), a partnership that continues to evolve and thrive. At its core, this partnership centers around two key initiatives: the establishment of HealthCorps' Teens Make Health Happen (TMHH) Clubs and the steadfast support of SDUSD's Healthy Schools Initiatives.

The Teens Make Health Happen (TMHH) initiative stands as a beacon of innovation, empowering teenagers to leverage their passions in fostering wellness and addressing prevalent community health challenges. Through this program, teens engage in dynamic health lessons and receive ongoing resources, empowering them to spearhead health-promoting activities within their school campuses. Last year alone, HealthCorps facilitated 27 TMHH clubs, nurturing over 200 student leaders with the guidance of 10 near-peer college mentors.

In parallel, HealthCorps has played a pivotal role in bolstering health and wellness initiatives within SDUSD. The collaborative support has resulted in the development of 10 comprehensive health and wellness toolkits, serving as invaluable resources for Wellness Champions district-wide.

The fruits of this partnership have been substantial, fostering a culture of wellness, learning, and leadership among the student body. As HealthCorps looks ahead, it eagerly anticipates furthering and enriching this alliance, fostering continued growth and positive impact within the San Diego Unified School District.


WATCH: how we celebrated our year's successes with SDUSD Wellness Champions

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