Yummy, Healthy Food Trends Hitting the Markets

Posted 07/26/2016 | By HealthCorps

Here are some of the latest food trends that will be hitting your local market:

Jackfruit – It’s not very high in protein, however its texture makes it a great swap out for meat in some recipes. It is full of fiber too, so look for this fruit in new prepared vegetarian meat offerings. Restaurants are also using this novel ingredient.

Avocado – There’s nothing new about avocadoes except that the avocado is now finding its way into new food formulations like mayonnaise (avocado oil), hummus and smoothies. Though high in calories, it is a better-for-you fat ingredient. A popular dish is a poached egg on an avocado half as a hearty entrée.

Purple foods – From purple carrots and potatoes, to Peruvian purple maize and grains, expect to see this unexpected color as a new ingredient staple. Remember that a “purple colored chip” may not be any healthier than a traditional chip. Read ingredients carefully when choosing processed foods.

Fermented foods – We’ve mentioned gut microbe balance before and its importance with regards to preventing many diseases, including obesity. Fermented foods are very helpful in maintaining the balance of good bacteria in your stomach and intestine. Seaweed and kimchi are just two of the many fermented foods you will see on market shelves. Sauerkraut is another fermented food that’s typically popular on hot dogs. Lose the traditional hot dog and try sauerkraut (and mustard) as a healthy sandwich-filler instead of high fat mayonnaise.

Green chickpeas – If you’re familiar with hummus, and the growing marketplace sector of this yummy, healthy spread, then also look for green chickpea offerings. Green chickpeas are the raw version of the more familiar canned option. Expect to see green chickpea spreads and other foods that incorporate this raw bean. Chickpea-based cooking water is also poised to be used in a healthier mayonnaise spread.

Lupino beans – Quite popular in Italy and the Mediterranean, the beans are large and satisfying. Find them in cans, jars and also in vacuum-sealed ready-to-eat bags. They’re perfect to add to salads, soups, stews or just have a handful as a snack. You can also season them and offer guests a healthy appetizer.

Grain free foods- Expect to see new wraps made from almonds, coconuts, cassava and certain vegetables instead of traditional corn or flour. Remember that whole grains are an important part of a balanced, satisfying diet, so mix it up with foods made from healthy whole grains and these new grain-free offerings.

Source: Foodnavigator.com

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