You Call it Sneaky, but Stealth Nutrition is Smart Nutrition

Posted 07/30/2013 | By HealthCorps

Your spouse or kids say they hate vegetables, beans and other nutritious foods.  So how do you get the recommended number of daily servings into these reluctant eaters?  You hide the vegetables and other less popular ingredients in recipes, that’s how!!  You can puree vegetables and add them to marinades, pasta sauces, and dishes like meatloaf, chili and casseroles.  You can also add the purees to dips, and even incorporate them into dishes like mashed potatoes.

You can even improve the nutrition profile of a dish like guacamole, which is quite high in calories due to its fat content (yes, it’s healthy fat but high fat all the same) by pureeing edamame beans and adding them to the recipe.  Another great idea is mac n cheese made with high protein macaroni, low fat cheese and soybeans.  The beans add a punch of green color and a big boost of protein.

Finally, don’t forget smoothies.  You can combine carrots and apples or kale and sweet fruit into a smoothie.  Sweet fruits help to mask the flavors of vegetables, especially when you add Greek yogurt and a bit of honey!

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