Yes! You Can Engage Your Core at Work

Posted 08/08/2014 | By HealthCorps

This blog has offered “desk exercises” in past posts, since so many hours of the day are often spent sitting. Getting up to move about several times during the work day is crucial for your health. But what about when you are focused on work and just sitting in your chair? Here are some tools and ideas so you can work your abdominal core while you sit and work.

Make sure that the chair you use is set at a height that allows you to sit upright and not stoop over your paperwork.

Try sitting on a large inflated exercise ball for some of the time so that you balance and engage your core muscles while you work. These balls also come with a stationary frame so that you can alternate a stabilized seated position with working your core muscles as you hold your balance. The inflated balls come in different sizes, relative to your height.

The Mogo Portable Upright Seat is a contraption that looks like a bicycle seat on a long extension pole, with a solid rubber tip at the bottom end of the pole. It weighs about two pounds and forces you to half-sit, half-stand, on an angle, so that you do bear some of your weight and so that you engage your core muscles. The rubber edge holds pretty well on all surfaces so you don’t slide but you do have to semi-support your weight and really harness your abdominal muscles. You’ll probably benefit from using it off and on for about an hour or two daily. Since even committed exercisers often sit for many hours during the workday, this unique gadget may indeed provide some isolated workout benefits. For information on pricing and other features, check out: www.focaluprightfurniture.com

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