A Wrap Up of Recent HealthCorps Events and Student Feed Back

Posted 03/19/2015 | By HealthCorps

Event: Warriors Basketball Clinic

Date: Tuesday January 20, 2015

Location: JamTown in Oakland, CA

Attendees included students and ambassadors from Hayward High School and San Lorenzo High School, and middle school students from the Richmond Police Activities League

A quick summary of the event: Students participated in an interactive basketball clinic with current Golden State Warriors (GSW) players Harrison Barnes, Justin Holiday, Festus Ezeli, and Brandon Rush. The event began with a special meet-and-greet and photo opportunity with the players and each school’s Active Alliance Ambassadors, followed by a panel discussion with all students about how to “step up your game.” This discussion focused primarily on the importance of staying physically fit and using good nutrition to keep one ready for the game, in peak season and in off season. A portion of the discussion highlighted discipline and the importance of consistent practice. Attendees were divided into groups to run basketball drills with each of the players. After the activity portion of the event, students answered basketball trivia questions and completed their Active Alliance Exit Surveys before grabbing a Chipotle burrito, some Warriors swag, and hopping back on the bus.

A sampling of the (student) survey questions and answers:

What were 3 new health and fitness tips you learned today at the event?”  Items from the event discussion that seemed to resonate most with students included: the need to stay physically active, maintain proper nutrition, and the importance of practice.

What were two of your favorite activities at the eventStudents responded that they mostly enjoyed the shooting and dribbling drills they did in their groups after the panel discussion, with mention of enjoying the time they got to play with the athletes.

What was one thing you learned today that you can take away to live a healthier lifestyle? Exercising and staying physically fit were emphasized during the discussion and event, which was clearly represented in student responses regarding what they learned.  Another theme from student responses was that they understood that being persistent, not giving up or being lazy, would help them to achieve certain goals. Lastly, some students reflected that good nutrition was an important take-away message for a healthier lifestyle.

Event: Food distribution for Sacramento community

Date: Thursday January 22, 2015

Location: Local church in Sacramento, CA

Attendees included: Students (mostly AA Ambassadors) from American Legion, Health Professions, Hiram Johnson, and Encina High Schools

Summary of event: The Active Alliance partnered with Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services to help distribute fresh, nutritious food to homeless and low-income community members. HC students were spread out throughout the event doing various tasks. Health Professions High School students helped hand out produce in the food distribution line and led a hula-hoop activity. Students from Hiram Johnson worked at a booth distributing samples of a freshly made “rainbow” salad to those coming to collect food, handing out nutrition and Active Alliance/HealthCorps information, along with the salad samples, and sharing information about the importance of eating your colors. Students from American Legion performed original free verse (rap/poetry) about mental resilience and overcoming life’s obstacles for the attendees. Students from Encina High School performed an extremely moving, original interpretive dance for attendees as well. Coordinator Victoria Lyon led the crowd in a group Zumba activity.  HealthCorps students completed the Active Alliance Exit Survey and collected a bag of Active Alliance swag.

Students were then asked (in a survey):

What were 3 new health and fitness tips you learned today at the event? Student responses seem to be most reflective of which activity they took part in at the event. Many responses relate to nutrition information that was shared during the event.  Some of the student survey responses mentioned physical activity and dancing being good for you.

What are two of your favorite activities at the event? Again, the student answers were generally reflective to the type of activity they took part in at the event.

What was one thing you learned today that you can take away to live a healthier lifestyle? The concept taken away by most students is the importance of eating a variety of colorful produce and healthy foods, which was a core emphasis at this event. Many students reflected on their experience working with a population less fortunate than themselves and the value of helping others.

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-Amy Hendel, PA/HealthCoach

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