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Posted 03/13/2018 | By HealthCorps

What is Anger?

Anger is an emotion that may be demonstrated positively or negatively. Anger can be defined as an emotion characterized by antagonism toward something or someone you feel has deliberately done you wrong. If you are angry about an injustice and work to remedy the problem, you are dealing with anger in a healthy, positive way. If you lose control and verbally or physically assault someone else or his or her property, you are resolving the problem in a negative, unhealthy manner.

What Causes Anger?

Do you ever get angry for no reason? The initial answer is probably, “No, there is always a reason that I become angry.” But truthfully, is there always a valid reason? Anger can appear to be irrational, but if you search for the true causes of anger, you can successfully overcome that anger.

What makes you angry?
Why do people tend to get angry over the smallest, most trivial things, blowing out of proportion what is occurring? Why do people get angry at the people we love and care about?

Anger is a natural and adaptive response to threats caused by internal and/or external events. In addition to creating stress, worrying about an upcoming exam, a schoolmate’s obnoxious behavior, traffic, or loud noises may trigger an anger response. Additional reasons for becoming angry may include:

  • facing a threat to ourselves or our loved ones
  • being verbally or physically abused
  • suffering a blow to our self-esteem
  • being interrupted when pursuing a goal
  • being treated unfairly, and feeling powerless to change this treatment
  • feeling disappointed in yourself
  • feeling disappointed by someone else
  • having our property mistreated
  • losing money

Trying to identify healthy ways to avoid these situations, or remedy them without becoming angry, is always a positive process, and an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few tips on how to handle your anger and keep calm to help you defuse any situation.


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