Why do I get frequent nosebleeds in the winter?

Posted 03/29/2012 | By HealthCorps

Dry winter conditions can cause your nostrils to become more friable and delicate and they may bleed spontaneously, or if you sneeze or blow your nose. Typically the bleeding occurs just inside the nostrils and can be stopped by applying a cold compress to the bridge of your nose. If the bleeding persists for longer than 10 -15 minutes, is profuse, or happens very frequently, you should see a doctor. You can also ask your doctor about an emollient salve that may be safe to apply just in the tips of your nose. Using a humidifier in your home may also help.

When flying on a plane, you may also want to get some instructions from your doctor since going up in higher altitudes and exposure to the dry conditions in the cabin can instigate a nosebleed, if you are susceptible.

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