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Posted 06/26/2014 | By HealthCorps

South West Schools:

School: Cabrillo High School and Long Beach Polytechnic High School

Coordinator: Kelly Leech, Evelyn Rwema

Highlight/Special Project

  • On May 3rd, Long Beach Polytechnic High School held their second annual Highway to Health (H2H) festival. The event included over 30 booths, 50 student volunteers, and over 200 community members attended.
  • Partner booths and giveaways at the H2H included: The Los Angeles Lakers, Teen Battle Chef, Sahaja Meditation, Yoga Across America, and Power Crunch bars.
  • The school is already planning for next year’s event.

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North West Schools:

School: Anderson New Technology (ANTHS)

Coordinator: Betsy Reedy

Highlight/Special Project: New Tech Health Fair “BEE Healthy”

  • Since ANTHS usually has their annual health fair event off campus, coordinator Betsy was really passionate about hosting one on campus.
  • This was more of an opportunity for the students to enjoy activities instead of just being responsible for organizing and running the festival, so all the vendors were deliberately chosen from local community organizations. This feature allowed the teens to learn about resources located right in their neighborhood. All vendors generously provided gift baskets for the raffle prizes.
  • ANTS students helped with some of the community booths and also had the opportunity to participate in a fun race with scooters and hula hoops at their own HealthCorps booth. Students also enjoyed a May Madness Basketball Shoot-off.
  • ALL teachers and students were able to attend the H2H festival, since the administrator of the school adjusted the school schedule to accommodate the on-campus health fair.

As one teacher commented, “We have been absolutely impressed with the work effort that Betsy exhibited, which was responsible for us being able to all pull together for this health fair (held on campus). The students have been so excited about it all week.  And these (local companies and organizations) are such great resources for the students – they probably didn’t even know (these resources) existed!”

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