What’s causing my daily aches and pains?

Posted 07/24/2013 | By HealthCorps

Your neck hurts, your lower back hurts, your head hurts – you are a relatively healthy person and yet you feel these common aches and pains daily.  What is going on?  Common products in your daily life – and the way you handle them – may be causing you unnecessary pain.   Check out some of these situations and see if they are “causing you pain:”

  • You lug around a super heavy handbag daily, always on the same shoulder.  Handbags can clock in at 10-12 pounds, especially if you commute by train and then walk, carrying quite a bit of baggage with you daily to work.  Lighten the load and try to remember to shift the bag from side to side.
  • You drink several cups of coffee or caffeine-rich energy drinks by noontime, so by 3 p.m. you are experiencing a caffeine-withdrawal headache.  Try to cut back to one or two cups of caffeine-rich beverages in the morning and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.
  • Your eyes burn every afternoon.  If you’re sitting in front of a computer screen from morning till night, that’s a common malady.  Make sure the screen is anti-glare, and try to look away for about a minute every 30 minutes.  Get up and move about every couple of hours to shift your gaze completely away.  Make sure you don’t need glasses.
  • Your lower back starts to ache every afternoon.  The standard chair you sit in at work may not be suited to your frame or size.  If it’s adjustable, try raising or lowering the seat to better fit your body.  Get up and stretch every 2-3 hours for at least 3-5 minutes.  You can also buy a lower lumbar pillow if you have a full seat back, for better support.
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