HCU Testimonials

“A healthy lifestyle is critical to academic success.  We are excited to partner with HealthCorps to provide students in our region the tools, resources and experiences to support a healthy lifestyle.”

Berea, KY


“We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful day of training you provided our folks. Rave reviews all around.”

Los Angeles, CA


“I felt the HCU training was an invaluable experience. There’s no question that it expands our team’s skill sets in further positioning Aramark as the “go-to” personnel in our districts when it comes to sharing information about being ‘healthy for life.’”

Lewisville, TX


“HealthCorps University engages students in a new and exciting way. The changes that I’ve seen in students’ wellness choices and knowledge, such as eating healthy, have been amazing. In addition, more teachers are thinking about ways to integrate health education into their classes regardless of the subject they teach. HCU programming truly transforms students, staff and schools. I’m proud to be a part of HealthCorps University.”

Sacramento, CA


“HealthCorps creates an outline for educators and individuals to work toward the mission of healthy living. Its resources divided to accomplish segments of digestible learning will allow staff to encourage and inform students about aspects of healthy living.”

Hershey, PA


“Caring for the whole child is possible when the resources, mindset and focus starts with ensuring that “wellness” opportunities are afforded to all students, families and community. Our continuous improvement would not have occurred so quickly if we did not have the caring mindset provided by HealthCorps leadership and on-site staff.”

Houston, TX


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