Training the Trainers:
HealthCorps University

HealthCorps University is train-the-trainer professional development program that empowers participants to bring HealthCorps’ curriculum to their organization, whether it’s a school system, community group or corporation.

Like the Living Labs, HCU is rooted in the three pillars of the HealthCorps’ curriculum: nutrition, fitness and mental resilience. This model is scalable and impactful providing the participant with simple messaging that prioritizes healthy living. Utilizing the HealthCorps content and approach creates a strong foundation from which participants are provided turnkey skills and concepts to integrate wellness into any setting.

The Elements of a HealthCorps University

The HealthCorps University experience is an intense and productive 1-day training accompanied by a standardized assessment to ensure participants have a thorough understanding of the HealthCorps approach. HealthCorps University is an innovative training program that will leave you inspired and motivated! We’ve curated an experience with thoughtfully crafted workshops where attendees will discover our digital wellness lessons through interactive modules and workshop through a customized plan.

Over the course of three HCU trainings, the Assessment was administered for 47 participants. 100% of participants successfully passed to earn an Assessment-based Certificate from HCU. Participant responses for each multiple-choice question were entered into a database for analysis.

JoAnn Stevelos, MS, MPH

All HCU participants receive the following support and resources:

  • A 1 day in-person HCU training
  • Online curriculum and supplement resources;
  • Ongoing virtual professional development and support from HealthCorps
  • Access to a national HealthCorps University alumni network

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HCU Training in New York City

NYC Educators learned strategies for delivering life-saving skills in nutrition, fitness content to students, and activities for the classroom with HealthCorps’ free full-day training sponsored by the Anthem Foundation. The training was held at the Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School in Manhattan.

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