HealthCorps University

HealthCorps is an opportunity for all people to bring wellness into their practice, homes, organizations, and communities. We bring the HealthCorps experience to you in two main ways:

HealthCorps University

The HealthCorps University certificate program accredited by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE), is an eight-hour, assessment-based training that gives participants the tools and techniques needed to facilitate the HealthCorps content. Ideal for health educators and wellness professionals, attendees participate in a guided discovery of HealthCorps’ curriculum, engage in live lesson demonstrations, and workshop through real-life content application.

The HealthCorps University in-person training experience includes:

  • Overview of the digital wellness curriculum
  • Interactive activity demonstrations in nutrition, fitness, & resilience
  • Learning the art of tailoring. No two wellness goals are alike!
  • The key components to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Hint: Simplify!
  • Post-training assessment for those seeking a certificate

HealthCorps Wellness Day 

The HealthCorps Wellness day networks communities with local and national wellness experts to encourage personal and community well-being. Attendees engage in workshops, panel discussions, and breakout sessions as a way to explore a new topic or deepen learning while you connect with like-minded individuals. This one-day event connects you with HealthCorps and encourages you to live your healthiest life.

To see what city we’re going to next, visit our event website.

If you think the HealthCorps Wellness Day is a good fit for your community, contact Maegan Lewis: Maegan.lewis@healthcorps.org.

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HCU Training in New York City

NYC Educators learned strategies for delivering life-saving skills in nutrition, fitness content to students, and activities for the classroom with HealthCorps’ free full-day training sponsored by the Anthem Foundation. The training was held at the Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School in Manhattan.

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