Description of HealthCorps University Training

Description of HCU Training

The certificate program offered by HealthCorps University is an intense and productive 1 day training accompanied by a standardized assessment to ensure trainees have a thorough understanding of the HealthCorps approach. Trainees will be provided with a background on the HealthCorps organization and programs, participate in group activities, fun fitness demonstration, craft individual goals and strategies, and participate in curriculum lesson simulations.


Frequently Asked Questions

What holding a certificate from HealthCorps University means:

Once you complete HCU training and successfully pass the end of training assessment, you will hold a certificate that signifies you have achieved the standards set forth by HealthCorps to be a recognized HealthCorps educator. This allows you access to other HealthCorps educators nationwide as well as the ability to be a recognized HealthCorps leader in your district.

What happens if I fail the end of training assessment?

In the event that you fail that end of training assessment, you are allowed to retake it immediately after you have been notified that you did not pass. If you are unsuccessful in passing the assessment after the second attempt, you will be eligible to retake it 30 days later, virtually.

Where do I sign up for HealthCorps University?

The great news about HealthCorps University is that we come to YOU! We only require that there are a minimum of 10 educators in your district/school that want to complete the certificate in HealthCorps University for us to begin planning a training for you and your team. Simply visit our website at www.healthcorps.org or email hcu@healthcorps.org to request more information and get in touch with HealthCorps University leadership to begin planning your certificate training!

What do I need to bring to a training?

We are a cutting edge education provider so we do require that all of our attendees bring a laptop and that the location has wifi access. Besides that, we encourage participants to bring healthy snacks, water, and any other essentials you will need for 1 days worth of training!

How does HealthCorps test the learning outcomes?

Through our end of training assessment we are able to determine if the learning outcomes were initially achieved. This provides us with a baseline of standards for our training staff to utilize when conducting their quarterly check ins (which are standard) with each educator that holds a certificate in HealthCorps Programmatics. Each quarterly check in will dive into individual goals that were set forth during the initial training and will provide insight for improvements and longitudinal achievement in learning outcomes.

What are the qualifications of HealthCorps University Trainers?

All of the trainers who administer the certificate training have been certified by HealthCorps. We have trainers all over the country who attend regular professional development sessions and undergo consistent evaluation by HealthCorps leadership. At a minimum, our trainers have a four year degree, have significant experience in the health and wellness industry as well as tenure teaching children and adults.

What If I have a complaint about the training?

In the unlikely event that there is a complaint about the training, we always provide the contact information of the Director of HealthCorps University at the beginning of our training. We encourage you to contact her/him in a swift manner so that any issue or complaint can be addressed immediately.

Will my information be released to a third party?

Information may not be disclosed to third parties unless written authorization is received by the certificate program participant. If requested, the HealthCorps staff will email the participant to ask for their authorization to release their information. No participant information will be released without their written consent.

What are your policies related to eligibility and identify status?

All certificate program attendees shall provide valid identification that is issued by their associated organization (district or school), and shall not misrepresent themselves or their role. In the event that valid identification is not shown or an attempt at not following directions during the end of training assessment is found, eligibility for attaining the certificate shall be revoked. Additionally, any attempt at misrepresenting the certificate, HealthCorps, or content within the certificate training program shall result in the certificate being revoked.


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