Ryan Fightmaster served as a HealthCorps Coordinator from 2012-2014 at ASTEC Charter Schools in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. During his time with our organization, Ryan motivated his students in a variety of ways, such as founding a running club and raising awareness about diabetes.

Currently a second year medical student at The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Ryan was granted a two-year deferment in order to serve as a coordinator, which ultimately, helped him find his passion. “HealthCorps broadened my definition for what it meant to be ‘healthy,’ specifically the importance of a balanced life. The culture of HealthCorps expected balance and preached its benefits, to students and coordinators. When I arrived in medical school, with a quick introduction to the ‘drinking from the fire hose’ mentality of learning, I understood that I’d make the most of the opportunity if I engaged from a centered place,” said Ryan.

“Watching students transform, feeling deep down the difference a smoothie for breakfast, an afternoon jog, or a quick meditation before a test had on their lives, that was the spark for becoming a doctor. That became the why behind choosing medical school—helping people find what they love again through their own health.”

In addition to his medical school responsibilities, Ryan runs his own blog, Diabetes Daily Grind. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 9-years-old. “I’ve always chased down what feels right, making life with diabetes fit. That was the genesis for DiabetesDailyGrind.com — a community built to encourage people with diabetes to live their best lives without fear. We focus on supplying real advice, on real situations, that people can implement today.”

We wish Ryan the best of luck and will continue to follow his success!


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