Wellness Tips for You and the Pet You Love

Posted 09/24/2014 | By HealthCorps

If you’re looking for a reputable source of pet information including topics like flea and tick control, how to care for an older pet, a chocolate toxicity meter (if your dog or cat ate chocolate by accident), pet food recalls, and information for birds and reptile pets too, check out PetMd.com

Teens whose parents told them that they were against underage drinking are more than 80% LESS likely to drink, than teens whose parents did not give them clear messaging. In fact, the study showed that only 8% of teens whose parents said they were against underage drinking were “active drinkers.” So despite the theory many parents have that their kids will do exactly the opposite of what they say, a recent poll from MADD showed quite the opposite. Parent should consider how they present messaging, and communicate important safety information.

If you want to tone down worrying consider writing down your concerns, and then rephrasing them on paper and out loud.  You might also try to set aside fifteen or twenty “worry minutes” daily and only allow your concerns to be mulled over during that interval – otherwise if you find yourself drifting to worry thoughts, write them down and consider them during your worry minutes time interval.  (Source: Psychology magazine)

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