Wellness Tips from Older Folks

Posted 03/06/2013 | By HealthCorps

Younger people tend to look at seniors and feel totally disconnected from them.  Truth is older folks were younger once, and the life lessons they’ve learned can offer insight into managing common day-to-day challenges.

When it comes to wellness, there’s no better group to clue us into healthy habit choices than seniors, especially those living quality lives well into their 80s and 90s.  

Health magazine (February 2013) recently interviewed some experts for advice on “living well now and for years to come.”

What are the healthy senior habits contributing to their longevity and quality of life?

(1)  Many of them said they exercise most days of the week.

(2)  They have a group of friends whom they see regularly.

(3)  They watch their weight without being obsessive, making healthy choices and watching portion sizes.

(4)  They have passions and they make plans to regularly pursue them.  Plans may include travel, taking classes and engaging in hobbies like photography and gardening.

(5)  They make time for a bit of vanity like a manicure, cutting and/or coloring their hair or putting make up on before going out.  Research suggests that a bit of vanity can improve body functions like blood pressure.

(6)  They have an optimistic outlook even if they feel they haven’t lived a perfectly healthy life.  Being optimistic can have an impact on longevity.

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