Welcome New Coordinators!

Posted 08/17/2016 | By HealthCorps

Say howdy to our new HealthCorps Coordinators!


Left to right: Anthony Grosso, Frances Adams, Courtney Baldwin and Hana Stenson


Anthony Grosso will start at the Del Norte High School in Cresent City, California. Growing up in Haddam, Connecticut, he graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelors degree in Home and Family Living.

Anthony, who has a unique ability to connect and work well with young people as well as a love and passion for health and wellness plans to open a nonprofit family wellness and fitness center in the future.

HealthCorps perfectly aligns with my passion for working with youth and advocating health and wellness,” says Anthony. “It will also provide me with experience in working in the nonprofit sector and learning how to work with students, adults, parents, staff, community members etc., all of which I need to learn so I can move towards fulfilling my long term goals.”


Frances Adams will be starting the school year as the HealthCorps Coordinator at Hueneme High School in California. Frances is from Colorado Springs and graduated from Davidson College majoring in Latin studies.

“I believe that the best healthcare is preventative healthcare, so I love HealthCorps’ mission to teach our nation’s youth about healthy behaviors,” says Frances. “I’m also passionate about healthcare disparities and I’m excited to make a difference by teaching in low-income schools.”

Frances loves traveling to Latin America and has studied abroad in Chile. She plans to return to school after HealthCorps to become a Physician’s Assistant and work in a clinical setting to help the Latino community.


Courtney Baldwin grew up in Wellesley Massachusetts and studied Psychology at Davidson College. She makes her debut as a HealthCorps Coordinator in Salinas, California this school year.

Her outgoing personality and love of laughter makes her stand out and connect with high school teens on a level they feel comfortable with. She is known to lighten up serious topics and create a comfort zone that makes it easier to have complicated discussions.

“This organization speaks to my interests,” says Courtney. “I love learning about my own health and how to be the best possible version of myself, and I hope to use this passion to help others who may not know as much or have the same resources. I also love that this program works with high school students. I believe that they are a great population to target because they are still figuring out their passions and their life trajectories. Hopefully I will be able to excite them about their health and push them to think more about how they are treating their bodies.”

After HealthCorps, Courtney plans to continue her education and obtain a dual masters in Social Work and Public Health while continuing to serve underserved individuals in health and wellness.



Hana Stenson grew up in Ada, Oklahoma and attended American University, graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Public Health.

With a strong passion for public health, Hana wants to influence communities that inspire healthy living. As a child, she had personal experience with obesity and is in a unique position to share her passion for leading healthy lifestyles and reducing obesity in the next generation. “I believe HealthCorps’ model of using young adults to mentor youth is ideal to make change,” says Hana. “I also like that HealthCorps incorporates mental resilience into the curriculum. This is such an important part of behavior change that is often over looked. I am looking forward to this year.”

Always looking to strive for higher goals, Hana would like to continue with her education to obtain a Masters in Public Health with a focus on community health education. Her career goal is to become a Program Manager for public health projects.

Hana will be working in her hometown at Byng High School in Ada, Oklahoma.


In case you missed it, check out our Coordinator Intro Video!

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