Weekend Packages Provide Food Safety Net

Posted 11/13/2013 | By HealthCorps

Our coordinators often go beyond their classroom duties to help students and community members.  With access to food, especially healthy, affordable food a problem for many of the students at Sharpstown High School, HC Coordinator, Max Blumenthal assists his Sharpstown Communities in Schools counselors, by going on a bi-weekly basis to the Houston Food Bank, where he picks up between 60-100 bags of groceries for the students who may not have food for the weekend.

The students come to his office, or to the principal’s office to pick up the bags every Friday, taking home these special food care packages so they have food for their families for the weekend.

This is just one of the special extra efforts an HC school like Sharpstown does for their students, and we are proud that the HealthCorps’ Coordinators, located in schools nationwide, have been leading these extra efforts and projects.

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