Want to get your kids moving? They’ll do it if you do it!

Posted 05/09/2014 | By HealthCorps

Most experts agree that a parent’s food and lifestyle habits can strongly influence their child’s interests in nutrition and fitness…..or not. One way to make sure the family is engaged in healthy practices is to “team up.”

Think about it. Teams work together for a common goal. So why not adopt that approach as a family team. It can be especially helpful, even inspirational, if kids see their parents making better food choices and engaged in regular exercise. Shopping for food as a family, prepping the food together in the kitchen, researching lighter recipes and planning fitness excursions can help to make healthier lifestyle choices a priority for every family member, no matter how young.

In The Four Habits of Healthy Families (BenBella Books), there is a simple “4P” approach to lifestyle that involves the whole family. Plan – Prepare – Portion – Play provides a simple template for everyone in the family to get involved. Plan menus and create a shopping list.  Shop for the food and then prepare snacks and ingredients for entrees ahead of time.  Use portion control that is age appropriate. You can all eat the same nutrient-dense foods, but obviously young children require smaller portions than their grown up parents. Active teens, who play sports, may need larger sized portions. The play component of the 4Ps encourages fitness in fun ways – with family team sports or a hike or a weekend bike ride.

If you want to inspire the family to move more and to eat better, then parents start your own engines! Click here for more information on The 4 Habits of Healthy Families.

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