Use Food Combo Lists for Healthy Mini-appetizers

Posted 02/16/2012 | By HealthCorps

List 1: Toasted thin slices from a baguette, endive spears, celery sticks, small rye squares, baked pita chips

List 2: Pesto sauce, chunky tomato sauce, salsa, white beans pureed, hummus

List 3: Sliced pickles. cherry tomatoes cut in half, roasted peppers, thinly sliced cucumbers, sliced mushrooms, pine nuts

List 4: Capers, dried tomatoes, roasted garbanzo beans, olives

Now go to town combining one item from each of the 4 lists to make a variety of delicious and healthy appetizers. These can also be healthy snacks for you and your kids. Let them help to put the ingredients together and come up with some additional ingredients to add to the lists.

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