US Post Office Promotes Exercise

Posted 10/05/2012 | By HealthCorps

Americans are not getting enough daily exercise.  The United States Post Office is launching a campaign to improve exercise efforts in the US.  The USPS recently unveiled a new series of Forever Stamps.  The stamps showcase a young child learning to ride a bike with training wheels, a BMX rider, a commuter riding to work, and a road racer.  Bicycling is low impact, aerobic exercise and a fabulous way to sneak exercise into your life.  It’s an activity enjoyed from childhood to adulthood, and urban locations like New York City are promoting the “joys of riding to work,” by increasing the number of bike lanes, and by creating kiosks on corners throughout the city with rent-a-bike-by-the-hour opportunities.

Biking helps to improve heart function, and it also improves your body’s muscle tone and strength.  Riding a bike to and from work can be an easy way to fit in exercise, and it can also help you to de-stress after a tough day at work.  You can order the Bicycling Forever Stamps by visiting http://www.usps.com/shop

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