Update on the Recent HealthCorps Summer Training Program

Posted 08/06/2015 | By HealthCorps

Recently, the yearly HealthCorps Summer Training Program took place at Sharpstown High School. Here are highlights from week one thanks to Sara Halper, Senior Manager, Product Development:

The first week in Houston was an exciting one for HealthCorps Summer Training at Sharpstown High School; our coordinators explored exactly what it means to be a HealthCorps coordinator through many different sessions. Juan Brea and Karen Buonocore presented the organization as a whole. The Coordinators were introduced to the HealthCorps Curriculum, and got to experience Café O’Yea’s as a student would. The coordinators truly LIVED the HealthCorps norm of “Making It Work” when Tropical Storm Bill came into town and the team relocated to Rice University for a few days to host sessions and build team camaraderie. Every session was intentional, and planned to not only build relationships within the Corps, but also be able to turnkey with students! An especially fun session for the group was the SingOFF brain break in the afternoon.

As storms always do, Bill passed over, and we then moved into a highlight for the week. The Hawn Foundation held an intensive session with the team spotlighting the content collaboration between the HC Curriculum and THF’s MindUPTM. During this time, Coordinators practice mindful breathing techniques, and explored the brain and its connection to overall wellness.

Week Two of HealthCorps Summer Training Program

Week Two was a deep dive into HealthCorps programming and expectations. The first year coordinators started planning for their first ever Health Fair. They began participating in cooking sessions, learning how to lead youth through simple and delicious recipes. During Team Time, coordinators furthered their bonds with each other, and had meaningful discussions around tailoring programmatics to build student leaders. The coordinators had a truly impactful evening at the Houston Food Bank learning about how it functions in the community, as well as how they can work with the food banks in their own local communities.

Week Three from HealthCorps Summer Training at Sharpstown High School

Ahoy! Training week three was the time for the exciting health fair: Set SAIL on the #ssHealthCorps. The coordinators banded together to hold a fantastic event at Sharpstown High School showcasing all they’ve learned throughout the first two weeks. From trying fruit flavored water, to holding the PLANK, dancing up a storm with Zumba and making pledges for positivity, Sharpstown students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed this health cruise. Coordinators spoke afterwards, sharing how amazing they felt hosting that event; they saw the merit in teamwork, delegation and program planning.

Another highlight from week 3 was experiencing StrengthFinders with Karen Buonocore. Coordinators learned how to leverage not only their strengths but the strengths of their teammates. Several coordinators stated that all the training pieces came together for them during this experience, and this empowered them to rock their programming back at their site.

A quick survey of our new Coordinators found that:

• 27.8% believe that mentoring will have the biggest impact of promoting healthy behaviors.
• Following mentoring, there was a tie with 16.7% each of new Coordinators believing that after school clubs and health and wellness competition will be most impactful in promoting healthy behaviors.
• 78% have plans to attend graduate school after their time as a HealthCorps Coordinator.

Here is a list of new Coordinators and the schools where they will be serving over the next two years.

Ejiro Ntekume, Long Beach Polytechnic High School, Long Beach
Maurice Conner, American Legion High School, Sacramento
Joel Mendoza, Herbert Hoover High School, San Diego

Amber Rideout, William Penn High School, New Castle

Jamie Desrameaux, Coral Gables High School, Coral Gables

New Jersey
Kyle Ross, Memorial High School, West New York
Brian Quilty, Southern New Jersey
Juliette Brown, Northern New Jersey

New York
Elizabeth Gass, Monroe Academy, Bronx
Sinead Torres, Kurt Hann Expeditionary Learning Center, Brooklyn
Ysiant Sanchez, University Heights High School, Bronx

Autumn Yoder, Ada High School, Ada
Lindsey Maurice-Walker, Ardmore High School, Ardmore
Mariela Magana Ceballos, Byng High School, Ada
ShaLexus Danzy, Latta High School, Ada

Kenai McFadden, Sharpestown High School, Houston
Sophie Brame, Westside High School, Houston

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