Two Tips For Fitness Friday

Posted 10/17/2013 | By HealthCorps

Walking After Dinner = Smart Habit

A recent study looked at a group of individuals, who were over age 60 and at risk for diabetes.  One half of the group took a 45 minute walk after dinner, while the other group took a 15 minute walk after each meal of the day.  In both groups, walking (regardless of duration) right after a meal helps to lower the blood sugar spike associated with meals.  Experts also suggest that walking after dinner can also help you to relax and prepare your body for sleep.

Clenched Fist = Better Memory

This column usually asks you to clench your fist around a weight.  Did you know that clenching your fists in a certain pattern can help you to remember things?   If you clench your right fist when preparing to remember something, and then clench your left fist when attempting to recall the information, you may have better success.  How does this work?

Scientists postulate that clenching your right fist when learning the information stimulates the left brain, which is involved in “writing memories.”  Then clenching the left fist helps the right side of the brain which is associated with memory recall and retrieval. 

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