Top Food Trends in the Specialty Food Sector for 2015

Posted 01/07/2015 | By HealthCorps

Apparently we want more from our food in 2015.  Consumers seem to want stronger flavors, alternative sweeteners, and a whole new variety of snacks, according to predictions from the editors of Specialty Food News.  Purchases from the food category called “specialty foods,” will continue to rise in 2015.  Here are just some of the predictions for 2015:

Fresh Food Delivery
Supermarkets, Amazon and other boutique store and online food delivery options will trend strong.

Alternative Proteins are Coming
Consumers will see ingredients like cricket flour, and more vegan options like meat and cheese made from plants.

Snack Bars Are Really Popular
Expect to see strong flavors, fruits, and vegetables in snack bars.

A Ramen Bar or Restaurant
Ethnic flavors like Chinese, Japanese continue to trend strong, but we will see an uptick in Vietnamese foods to upscale ramen.

Tea Invasion
Expect to see more tea bars, tea offerings, and exotic tea flavors.

Let’s Get Sweet

Consumers have asked for alternative sweeteners, so this will be a strong trending category.
Clear Packaging

Food makers are hearing the demand for clear labels and more transparency.  The FDA’s new calorie labeling will help push this trend.
Generation Z Drives Food Choices
Born in 1995, they are now the influencers, with increasing buying power

Meal in a Bowl
Superfoods are trending strong, and the new presentation – in a bowl – will trend strong, especially for people on-the-go

Growing Interest
Small-batch, locally produced yogurt, fermented foods and seaweed, and cauliflower will trend strong in 2015.

-Amy Hendel, PA/HealthCoach

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