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Posted 12/17/2014 | By HealthCorps

Eating more fish can lower the risk of hearing loss, according to new research.  Eating two or more servings of fish a week, was associated with reduced risk of hearing loss in a test group of women.  Since acquired hearing loss is a highly prevalent and often disabling condition, knowing that you can reduce risk with one habit change should be a huge motivator.  Try to swap out two meat meals for two fish meals per week.  This data was extrapolated from the Nurses’ Health Study, a large cohort study that ran from 1991 – 2009 involving 65, 215 women.

Do you go to restaurants often?  That singular habit is associated with a higher calorie load.  It’s intuitive that despite your best intentions, there are temptations like the bread basket, alcoholic beverages, and dessert.  You also have little control over how ingredients are used in dishes, and are more likely to choose less healthy preparation methods like frying, even when you choose healthier options like fish.  Certainly if you frequent fast food style restaurants the calorie load will often be higher than making a similar dish at home.  Categorically, you will consume more saturated fats, more sodium and probably more carbohydrates, in general if you eat out a lot.

-Amy Hendel, PA/HealthCoach

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