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Posted 09/20/2012 | By HealthCorps

Sleeping Can Impact Vaccine Response

Getting adequate sleep is an important lifestyle habit.  A new study suggests that people who get less sleep may have a less than optimal response to a vaccination.  After adjusting for factors that could affect antibody response, researchers found that patients who received a series of Hepatitis B vaccinations did not all have the same precise immune response.  In the study, 125 test subjects were fitted with sleep monitoring devices over a seven day period, after each of two hepatitis B vaccine injections.  Those who slept for fewer hours had slightly less optimal immune responses to the shots.  In fact, less sleep correlated to the likelihood of a lower secondary immune response, though by six months after the vaccination, clinical protection was normalized.

Sleep is crucial to optimal health, so researchers suggest there may be a basis for discussing sleep patterns with patients, before health professionals vaccinate patients.  There are plan to do more research to see how this information can be used to optimize vaccine programs.

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