The Digestive Highway

Posted 08/11/2012 | By HealthCorps

The order and function of the digestive system

All food is fuel in the form of calories and when food is digested your body uses the food to make your mind think, your organs function, and body continue to live. The digestive system and its functions are affected by the foods we eat and how we eat them. Chew your food. The small intestine which accounts for a huge part of the digestive system is also known as the second brain having the 2nd most neurons in your body and stretched out reaches over 20 feet in length.

Foods can be broken down into two categories, slow and fast foods. Slow foods are ones that move through your body slowly and allow your body to process them. Slow food examples are fiber and whole grains. Fast foods race through your body and are either used quickly or are stored as fat. Sugar is an example of a fast food that gives your body quick but unsustainable amounts of energy.

(video by Awakened Films)

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Posted July 12, 2015 | by Marcus

Maybe incorporate “feeding” your large intestines. Alot goes on in there production of neurotransmitters. Vitamins, useful by products of bacteria.


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