The Best Beverages and How Much is Just Right

Posted 08/11/2015 | By HealthCorps

Water is your best hydration choice. Though the mantra has been 8 cups daily, you actually can get some of your hydration from other fluids. Just keep H2O at the top of your list.

Unsweetened tea should be your next go to beverage for general hydration. Drink herbal tea if you want to avoid caffeine.

Unsweetened black coffee or coffee with a small amount of a creamer like skim, soy or nut milk is considered a healthy beverage to consume in moderate amounts. Consider caffeine free coffee if you want to avoid the caffeine (decaffeinated coffee is only 97% caffeine free).

Skim milk, fortified soy or nut milks are good sources of calcium and vitamin D, and relatively low in calories, so include one to two servings daily. Since these drinks are not calorie free, factor the calories into your daily tabulations.

If you already drink red wine, rich in resveratrol, a heart-healthy compound, then it’s considered a healthy habit as long as you stick with one serving a few times a week. If you don’t consume wine then it is not necessarily a habit you need to embrace.

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