Temporary tattoos may seem like a good alternative, but….

Posted 06/11/2014 | By HealthCorps

Your teen may be begging you for a tattoo and you agree to the temporary press-on version. Seems like a good compromise, right? Well it is certainly better than a permanent tattoo, but the FDA is now warning that the dyes in these temporary tattoos can cause allergic reactions in susceptible individuals.

In a May 13th seminar on the FDA’s website, officials cautioned that this allergic reaction can occur after you apply a temporary tattoo, meaning that temporary tattoos are not exactly risk-free. In fact, the FDA would like users to report any skin reactions, so they can compile data. Temporary tattoos fall under “cosmetics” so they don’t need to have FDA approval before they are sold on the market. Temporary tattoos may feature plant-based and synthetic dyes. A hair-dye ingredient, PPD, gives many of these tattoos the blue-black color. Any of these compounds can cause skin reactions.

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