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Posted 12/23/2016 | By HealthCorps

This holiday season, 50 HealthCorps seniors from Hueneme High School taught over 180 5th graders in neighboring Haycox Elementary School to read nutrition labels, calculate the amount of sugar in a beverage and learn the dangers of a high-sugar diet. The 5th graders arrived to a surprise welcome tunnel, played a few ice breaker games and team building activities. They transitioned into a Rethink Your Drink lesson straight out of the HealthCorps Curriculum.

“I’m so impressed with how well our elementary students are paying attention to the high school leaders. These are some of the students who struggle academically, but they’re really grasping this lesson since they are interacting so closely with the high-school students” said Barbara McVicker, 5th Grade Teacher at Haycox Elementary.


happy student healthcorps

A student at Haycox Elementary School celebrates getting the right answer as HealthCorps high schoolers offer guidance.

HealthCorps improves communities. Our Coordinators go in to their assigned schools and serve as mentors to teens across America. These teens then become leaders use their skills nutrition, fitness and mental resilience to lead healthier, happier lives and improve the communities they then serve.

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