Teen Battle Chef Went Live in Harlem on June 16th!

Posted 07/30/2015 | By HealthCorps

It was a special gathering at Madiba Harlem with celebrity judges Leah Abraham, co-owner of Settepani Restaurant, Richard Grausman, Founder and Chairman of C-CAP, Dan Jackson, Executive Chef of Café 2 and Terrace 5, MoMA and Craig Samuel, Owner/Partner of B+C Restaurant Group. The event, Teen Battle Chef, included Team Brazil versus Team Japan, with student participants from Brooklyn Lab High School, College Academy High School and West Side High School.

The TBC reception offered culinary treats prepared by the students, and Lynn Fredericks from Family Cook Productions opened the event with a welcome to about 200 attendees, followed by greetings from Michelle Paige of Emblem Health, a sponsor of the event. The students showcased their special recipes and provided tastings to the judges and audience members. The TBC youth select and master their own ethnic recipe and they shared their heartfelt reflections about how learning to cook with fresh ingredients has impacted their own health and that of their families.

Winners, Team Brazil for presentation, and Team Japan for taste received items from Circulon cooking products. Food fun was had by all!!

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