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Our coordinators are challenged to find a personal pathway of communication with each and every student they meet. The Teen Battle Chef program can win over teens who communicate through food; for other teens, weight loss or wanting to improve their sports performance through better nutrition, or wanting to feel better about themselves may lead to tentative conversations with a coordinator, and interest in the HealthCorps curriculum.

Recently one of our coordinators, Hiba Abousleiman, shared a special moment. She had two very different teens in her school program – one who was very popular and cool, a school jock (senior basketball player) dating all the popular girls and part of the “in group.”

Basically a nice kid, he really wasn’t interested in scholastics and certainly not too engaged with the HealthCorps curriculum initially.  And then there was another boy, thoroughly excited and engaged with school, sprinting between classes with an oversized backpack, always asking questions and inhaling information. At the school’s recent health fair, he was the one who galloped to the welcome table to check in.

Hiba recently reviewed some of the photos from the Highway to Health festival and one particular photo revealed that both boys ended up at the meditation booth. Despite their very different personalities and levels of engagement with the school curriculum, she saw that both teens were thoroughly engaged with the yoga demonstration, “present and clear,” as Hiba describes them, “so different on the surface, but you’d never know it from this picture of them meditating.” Hiba reflected on the fact that when the photo was taken she really didn’t know them well. Now reflecting on the picture showing two such different teens managing to find a commonality while meditating……well, that is HealthCorps at its best!

Our Highway to Health festivals in Sacramento, and Los Angeles California

Both events were a huge success – here are just some of the photos that captured special moments at each event.

IMG_4873 IMG_4729 IMG_4994 IMG_5110 (1)

Wrap up of recent events with the Active Alliance:

American Legion Breakfast Club
April 10th, 2014
The American Legion High School Breakfast Club is an event highlighting the importance of eating a nutritious breakfast every day. One player from the Sacramento Kings, accompanied by Slamson, the beloved Kings mascot, served breakfast and spoke with the teens about the importance of eating breakfast daily and healthy breakfast options.

Luther Burbank High School Health Day
April 11, 2014
The Medical and Health Sciences Small Learning Community showcased the annual Luther Burbank Health Day for its students to introduce them to different health careers and topics. This year’s event, with the help of Active Alliance, was probably one of the best yet.

The teachers of Medical Health Sciences put on a special event to promote healthy habits for their students.  From softball out on the field, to yoga in the classroom, students rotated through different health stations as they move between their regular health classes. The fair included a healthy potluck lunch served to the students, teachers, and presenters.

American Legion High School Health Fair
April 24, 2014
American Legion High School’s health fair, featured a variety of educational and interactive booths and activities. Slamson, the beloved Sacramento Kings mascot, will make an appearance and the Sacramento Kings dancers taught a mini dance clinic.

Teen Battle Chef in April Issue of Scholastic’s Choices Magazine!

The April issue of  “Choices” – Scholastic’s educational magazine for teens, features Teen Battle Chefs from HealthCorps schools that demonstrates just how much enthusiasm young people can develop about healthy cooking – and eating!

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