Sweeping Your Home for Health

Posted 07/31/2015 | By HealthCorps

If you are a typical teen, then your room and personal space is probably a mess. Chances are you’re not doing too much cleaning up, with most of your time devoted to school, sports and tech devices. Well this study may inspire you to pick up a broom and sweep up and tidy your room….even the whole house.

A clean house and organized property were found to be key indicators of well-being, according to an analysis by Case Western Reserve University researchers. The study looked at 300 older adults who had at least one chronic illness and found that this “keeping their home clean and orderly” was a more important indicator of wellness than education, income and neighborhood quality. The theory is that keeping an orderly environment requires a certain amount of physical exercise and cognitive skills.

This is one habit you can embrace as a teen, and maintain through later years. Of course, sweeping an entire home will also burn some calories and make mom very happy!!

(Source: Bottom Line/Health July 2015)

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