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Posted 08/07/2014 | By HealthCorps

During the month of August we’ll be featuring stories submitted by coordinators, showcasing the impact of the HealthCorps curriculum, and the kind of change that can happen, when mentors connect with teen students.

Margaret Huey at EBC

“Over the past few weeks, a 10th grade student named Gil, has been coming to my office hours more and more frequently. Gil is overweight, and sometimes has difficulty relating to his peers. He started coming to my office to get healthy snacks, but as time went on, we started to have conversations about weight and staying healthy and active. Gil has decided to try to lose weight and as a result, he is now suiting up for PE every day, and is also eating more fruits. He recently told me that he walks to school on a regular basis, and (he realizes) that it used to take him 15-20 minutes, (while now) it now only takes him 10! Gil has also joined Teen Battle Chef, which is helping to open his eyes to new and different kinds of healthy foods that he could make for himself and with his family. I have noticed that Gil is carrying himself with more confidence as he starts to develop healthier habits.”

Jessica Plager, coordinator at Cliffside Park High School

This is a “success story” – an e-mail I received from Louiza Constantinov, a former HealthCorps student who is currently a freshman at Rutgers.  Louiza was actively engaged in the Wellness Council, Teen Battle Chef, HealthCorps Nourish Club and classroom lessons when she was in high school. This is a great example of a student who has applied the skills and knowledge that she learned through HealthCorps to boost her quality of life.

(Louiza wrote) “You have been such a huge inspiration to how I’ve been living lately! …I spent so much time at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s this summer eating lots of kale and vegetables and making recipes and being healthy thanks to you!… I’m almost entirely committed to eating organic and healthy, I eat a crazy amount of vegetables, fruits, yogurt and nuts every day and I’ve even started exercising! Never thought that would happen… I’m even getting a bike soon to start biking to class when the weather gets a little warmer … I have been practicing meditation too! I meditate every morning! Also replaced all the juices I used to drink with just water and tea! I feel awesome!”

HealthCorps changing lives…….

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