Stockton, CA Media Highlights HealthCorps Relationship Lesson

Posted 04/04/2013 | By HealthCorps

Stockton, California has one of the highest obesity rates in California, and in the nation.  HealthCorps presence at Franklin and Stockton Unified Health Careers Academy has had a significant impact on the health of many of the teen students.  Recordnet.com, an online newspaper that reports Stockton news, recently covered a lunchtime lesson in mental resiliency.

The lesson plan involved students sharing one word terms to explore their thoughts and feelings about “healthy relationships” and “unhealthy relationships.”  Not surprisingly the word love appeared on the healthy relationship poster; the word trifle appeared on the unhealthy relationship poster.  The student, Michael Johnson explained, “There’s no reason to be in a relationship if there is not going to be trust, loyalty and understanding. Otherwise, it’s a “trifle,” or trifling fling.”

Students were interviewed by a reporter from RecordNet and shared the impact of the curriculum on their lives.  Amanda Chavez appreciated a smoothie offering in the school cafeteria, as an alternative to the typical high fat burgers and fries.  Another student, Carmen Mendoza, liked the lessons about healthier eating, and the opportunity to pay it forward and spread the message of health she was learning, to others.

Marissa Sneddon, 24, who graduated with a degree in neuroscience from UCLA, is the HealthCorps’ Program Coordinator at Franklin. She is supported through a grant from The California Endowment, one of several funders of HealthCorps.  The California Endowment has been especially helpful in expanding HealthCorps’ presence in California schools.

Source: Healthy Minds and Bodies, Joe Goldeen, Record Staff Writer
February 19, 2013

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