Are you staying pesticide savvy?

Posted 06/04/2014 | By HealthCorps

Featured on the Dr. Oz show, and in the past on our blog, are the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists, that highlight which fruits and vegetables are worthy of buying organic (which may cost a bit more), because of the high levels of pesticides that may be on the peel of specific fruits and vegetables, and which produce choices (Clean 15) can be safely purchased without an organic label. The Environmental Working Group or EWG, an advocacy group, tracks pesticide contamination and they recently issued the Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce Report. Why the new edition this year? Recent reports suggest that there are “extreme levels” of pesticides in some non-organic foods. You, as a savvy consumer, should know this updated information so you can shop and eat safe!

Findings include a report that suggests that 80% of apples sold in the US have high levels of DPA, a chemical banned in Europe. So how can you be fiscally responsible and protect your family’s health? Read the EWG updated report, and spend the extra dollars to buy the current Dirty Dozen with organic labels when possible. If you can’t find or afford organic, then buy “thick skin” fruits and vegetables, like avocados, which you tend to peel. The thicker outer skin also protects, preventing the pesticides from penetrating into the flesh of the fruit or vegetable.

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