Shawn Wright

Living Labs Coordinator

Shawn Wright wants to live in a world where being open minded is the norm and we can all be accepting of each other’s uniqueness.

As the Program Coordinator at HealthCorps I all about encouraging and inspiring others to take chances and give it all you got!

His favorite part about working for HealthCorps is when a child or adult makes a change in their life for the better.

A native of Louisville, KY He graduated from Eastern Kentucky University With a degree in health and a minor in nutrition.

I love being around people and putting a smile on their face. These were my favorite jobs and before health corps.

Advantage Solutions: Brand ambassador , Olive Garden: Server  Damar Gymnastic: Personal Trainer/coach

Shawn is most proud of being true to myself and forging my own path, setting a good example for my younger siblings.

Shawn ’s craziest dream/ aspiration is owning my own gym.


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