Shannon Phen

Product Development Specialist

Shannon wants to live in a world where we encourage each other’s aspirations and a device that can make any food from any state or country.

As the Product Development Specialist at HealthCorps, she’s passionate to develop with the HealthCorps team on countless activities and projects for America’s youth that can shape their healthy journeys.

Her favorite part about working for HealthCorps is having the opportunity to inspire individuals to embrace the health culture and for them to pursue their health passions.

A native of Miami, Florida, she graduated with her Master’s of Science in Health from University of Texas at San Antonio. Prior to HealthCorps, she worked with Student Health Services with UTSA as a Health Educator for 4 years. Shannon has worked with organizations such as SA2020 and San Antonio’s PLAY Campaign taking part in promoting and advocating healthy lifestyles for San Antonio’s community.

Shannon is most proud of accomplishing one of her dream goals by working in the Public Health field. She is super passionate on implementing, educating and advocating health programs to ensure everyone is happy and healthy.

When she’s not on the computer or eating, you can find her playing outside with her dogs Jade, the German Shepherd and Porkchop, English Bulldog, exploring new adventures with her fiancé Kelly, or spending time with her family.

Shannon’s craziest dream/aspiration is to create programs or clinics where people from all over the world can receive the proper health and wellness care they need in order to achieve optimum wellness and health, including transportation, medical care, nutrition, medication, or just someone to talk to.


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