Natalie Tunzi

Program Supervisor, Living Labs

Natalie wants to live in a world where we are more rapidly bridging the gaps between scientific discovery and commonplace practice, where communities have access to the resources they need to build upon an equitable and just society, and where people are deeply encouraged to practice the art of presence and positivity in their own lives.

As a Program Supervisor at HealthCorps, she’s excited to learn more about the challenges communities face across the nation.

Her favorite part about working for HealthCorps is knowing that each and every day our Coordinators and organization are making a difference- both in individual lives and in the community at large.

A native of San Juan Bautista, CA, (population: 1,700) she graduated with her B.S. in Exercise Biology from the University of California, Davis. After interning abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico with the non-profit Child Family Health International, she has worked for HealthCorps since.

Natalie is most proud of the attitude she’s developed towards life challenges- including maintaining a joyful relationship with her high school sweetheart, now fiancé, over several years of across the country (and at times across the world!) distance, and passing a whole year of calculus at UC Davis (phew!).

When she’s not organizing spreadsheets and coaching Coordinators, you can find her with full bags of produce at the farmers’ market, outside exercising, or browsing wedding ideas on Pinterest.

Natalie’s dream/to-do list is pretty long, and involves a lot of fun adventure and travelling! Her craziest dream is to travel across the USA on bicycle (she better learn how to quickly fix a flat!).



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