Michael F. Roizen, M.D.

Chief Wellness Officer & Chair of The Wellness Institute, Cleveland Clinic
Michael F. Roizen, M.D., is the Chief Wellness Officer and Chair of The Wellness Institute at the Cleveland Clinic where he is striving to elevate preventive care and wellness to a driving role in medicine and society by radically improving health and decreasing wellness costs spiritually, physically and economically. Among Dr. Roizen’s many accomplishments, he co-founded six companies including RealAge sold to Hearst in 2007; co-invented a drug approved by the FDA in April 2008; co-wrote three medical bestsellers and four number one New York Times bestsellers (the YOU series books and RealAge) and formerly served as chair of a Food and Drug Administration advisory committee, as well as editor of six medical journals. He and Dr. Mehmet Oz co-write the daily “YOU Docs” columns syndicated to 76 newspapers in North America and similar columns in four magazines.

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