Maegan Lewis

Program Specialist

Maegan wants to live in a world where we all take care of one another and live as equals. As the Program Specialist for HealthCorps University, she is committed to collaborating with schools, communities, and health champions to create positive growth and cultural change. She believes in the power of education and exposure as a catalyst for this change. Her favorite part about working for HealthCorps is having the rare opportunity to put her personal passions into action on a day-to-day basis with other like-minded individuals. She grew up just outside of New Orleans in Paradis, LA and received her Bachelor’s in Nutrition from Louisiana State University. Prior to HealthCorps, she worked in the nonprofit sector to provide vital social-emotional skills to educators and district leaders. Maegan is most proud of her ability to take on challenges, big or small. When she isn’t fighting the good HealthCorps fight, you can find her exploring new restaurants or cooking with her husband, Cole (and usually in the company of her dogs, Ellie and Atticus). Maegan dreams of developing technology that makes whole wellness a convenient, tangible choice for all.


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