Layla Ronan

Social Media Specialist

Layla Ronan wants to live in a world where education is free and the careers that benefit mankind are valued and rewarded. Where everyone has the right to a free health education, and every adolescent has the tools and the knowledge on how to eat right and live a healthy harmonious lifestyle.

As the Social Media Specialist at HealthCorps, she delivers the HealthCorps mission statement one creatively crafted post at a time. Her favorite part about working for HealthCorps is finding out new ways to educate the HealthCorps followers on social media, on the simple ways they can improve their health and their lives.

A native of Brooklyn, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, with a B.A. in Advertising and Marketing Communications and a minor in Economics. She interned with Pubslush and Fleabags before joining the HealthCorps family.

Layla is most proud of her freckles and her quick wit.

When she’s not on her phone you can find her taking long walks through Prospect Park in Brooklyn or hiking though state parks in New Jersey.

Layla’s craziest dream/ aspiration is to travel the world and live and work in another great city like Paris or New Delhi.

View Layla’s LinkedIn Profile here.


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