Kate Crimmins

Product, Monitoring, Evaluation Specialist

Kate Crimmins wants to live in a world where every single individual has easy access to a healthy lifestyle.

As the Product, Monitoring, Evaluation Specialist at HealthCorps, she’s dedicated to making her school environment fun and stimulating for students to make learning exciting and engaging.

Her favorite part about working for HealthCorps is the life long connections and relationships that are built within the HealthCorps community as well as the school community every day.

A native from Pleasantville, New York, she graduated from the University of Massachusetts and upon graduation worked for a non-profit called DC Greens which promotes food policy, access, and education. She also worked as the store manager for a retail organic food and juice company called Organic Pharmer.

Kate is most proud of her Bachelor’s in Nutrition!

When she’s not in the classroom, you can find her in the kitchen learning new recipes or outside taking long walks and trying to pet as many cute dogs that she can find.


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