Juan J. Brea, MBA

Managing Partner at Purple Elephant Group

Purple Elephant Group is committed to providing the most insightful, efficient and effective financial, technological and marketing services to startups, small and midsize businesses around theworld; through its innovative management consulting approach.

Juan brings his extensive experience and proven success in planning, execution and management to RashEndz. His specific areas of expertise include financial administration, P&L management, budget planning, product development, strategic management, and team building. Working at American Express for 12 years, starting in the mail room, within Seven years was promoted to become Global Director for Human Resources Development for over 100,000 employees, overseeing a budget of $47 million. During this time, he was awarded the President’s Club Award, which recognizes the organization’s top 1% of performers.

Furthermore, he was COO at HealthCorps, Inc where he was effectively able to reduce operating expenses after reconstructing and strengthening the non-profit company owned by Dr. Oz. Most recently, he was COO/CFO of Gulliver’s Gate, a new 50,000 sq/ft attraction in Time Square NYC, where he built the finance, human resources and operations teams and processes. Juan lives in NYC with his wife Laura, daughters Chelsea and Sadie, and their dog Lola.


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